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It is well known that in today’s world information is priceless. And much more so is the information about the properties and prices of the things that you can buy on today’s overwhelming market.

Our Mission is a website whose mission is to make you acquainted with such an attractive segment of the global consumer market as Apple’s products. We would like to be your assistant on the market and we promise to do our best to facilitate your choice when you decide to buy a Mac device or software. The primary objective of is to provide you with reliable and in-depth descriptions of the whole variety of devices and softwares offered by Apply company.

We do our best to keep our audience informed about new events and developments related not only to Mac products, but also to other companies operating in the IT segments of the global market.

Principles team consists of experts who are prominent in their respective areas. As regards the technical characteristics of our products, we will give you a detailed review of what is behind figures and terms in the product’s specs. And we have perfect market specialists who monitor the volatile commercial trends to inform you about the current prices and their tendencies.

Although focuses on products and events having direct or indirect relation to Apple company and Mac brands, it would be a very unilateral and limited approach to reduce the information that we provide about the abovementioned topics. Comparisons with Apple’s competitors and their models are essential pieces of information for our readers to understand the whole development process taking place in the IT realm. Also there are events of universal importance for the whole IT community and for those who are interested or simply curious of what is going on there. Certainly, for it is a must to include such events in our information flow.

Thus, we have all means and skills and a clear dedication to keep all our audience abreast with what important happens around computers and especially in the niche occupied by Apple company and its products. And we promise to perfectly cater both professional and consumer interests. Welcome to and feel the mainstream of computer life!