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Tools We Use and Recommend

Of course, testing is not just a simple clicking and taping all around the interface. While MacLifeOnline team is living its job, it is also trying to get deeper than any average user or even reviewer can. So that is why we use not just only our skills and experience but also a number of tools we want to recommend to you too. There are lots of various programs out there today, but we are sure about these we are working for a long time now.

Types of Tools

There are few main types of tools MacLifeOnline uses on a regular basis. Each one has its purpose and certain impact on our work. Some of those programs are free or have trial versions so you can easily try them without any risks or additional cost. Our team uses only original versions of software and completely trusts the results we get out of our tests. So, if you want to test something on your own, just see our recommendations below.

There is no need to get all these applications to test those products that we’ve already tested and reviewed. But those programs can be also very useful in other aspects of your life like text editing and clean your Mac’s system for better performance. There are also various similar tools as those we use, but our team prefers reliable and approved software.

Personal Productivity

So, you can start with those tools to improve your personal productivity. MacLifeOnline team uses these on a regular basis to help us with various tasks in business and personal approach. While we have our own purposes for all these tools, you can come up with something special for your own tasks as there are lots of potentials.

  • We all need a grammar checker, just accept that. No matter how great you are in grammar, there is still a chance you miss something. And if you really are that cool in grammar, then a reliable and smart grammar checker will just double your powers, right? Our team strongly recommends Grammarly as your business and personal grammar checking tool on a regular basis.
  • Looking for a chance to become more productive? Well, we’ve already found it in this smart and useful tool called RescueTime. This app is a perfect scheduling program that will help you to deal with your time effectively and don’t miss any deadlines. Forget about distractions, track your time spent with apps, and get the best effectiveness for your day.
  • In the modern digital world, it is really hard to get away with issues it brings along with all the positive sides. Well, Slack is a nice type of platform which allows teams of employees to communicate with the digital world and combine it with physical results. Do you need to get your work done? Just let Slack help you to find the best tools, workers, and resources.
  • Looking for a smart and easy organization? Here is Trello to help you out right away. If you don’t want to spend a day discovering what were you writing about yesterday and what do all those notes mean, just use this tool to see your project as a whole picture. Believe us; it costs a lot in a modern world.

Computer Software

Productivity is not the only issue we here at MacLifeOnline face every day. Our machines are powerful enough to deal with various tasks during our tests and other stuff, but even those Macs we have should have a proper treatment and support. The same thing is on your computers. So, here are few useful applications and services we recommend you check out.

  • While you think your Mac is clean from all those redundant stuff, you are, probably, wrong. Even deleted programs leave tons of trash in your system. It occupies free space on your hard disc and even slows down your Mac. And MacFly Pro is the perfect tool to clean all the junk on your computer, get rid of useless stuff, and control the situation in future.
  • Do you want to feel yourself a real designer? Well, the design was never easier than it is now thanks to Canva. The service is just an amazing source of inspiration and ideas and a platform to bring it all to life.
  • Don’t know anything about audio editing and sound recording? Audacity will help you to deal with all those tasks easily and fast. The service is a free open source platform to work with audio files. And our team loves it for its simplicity and reliability doubled by affordability.

Website Stuff

And the last set of tools MacLifeOnline uses is all about websites. We dealt with those tools before we launched MacLifeOnline and use them even today. The best and sometimes the only sources of web-related solutions.

  • Looking for a platform to create your own website? Well, there is no better place for you to start with than WordPress. This is the most valuable and popular platform for developing and creating websites, and it is so popular definitely for a reason.
  • As a WordPress related tool Thrive Themes, service will help you to make your website look outstanding and be more useful for your customers and readers.