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The world of modern software and gadgets is huge and sometimes too complicated for an average user. It is very easy to get lost in that blasting stream of info you get from all over the place. The number of products for Apple and Mac is countless. And we are here to help you out. While you can’t decide what app is good and what is not, we’ve already tested it and wrote our review. Just click on Our Reviews section and find the real testing based review of an app or product you are interested in. And you can be sure there are all the newest points here.

Why are we different?

Real testing is the key. While there are lots of various reviews without any certain point about a product but just simple conjectures, we test all those apps we are writing about by ourselves. We don’t just write that a product is good or bad. Instead of that empty words and guesses and just copying info a developer provides us with, we aim to come up with our own view and mark. MacLifeOnline team is here to help and to inform its readers instead of just posting useless articles about nothing.

We can deal with any products in the modern market. So you can be sure about our competency and skill. This is the place where professionals got together to help average users to become more aware and certain about Apple products and tech in general.

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