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Try the New Apple iPhone X and You’ll Be Impressed with Its Features

Apple iPhone X

Walden Harper,

How long have we been waiting for this moment, and it’s finally here – Apple released the ultra-modern and multifunctional iPhone X! In fact, the company very often surprises its fans all over the world with its innovations and modern devices. But the new iPhone X will surpass all possible expectations, and you certainly haven’t seen anything similar before.

Do not keep back, you have been looking forward to the release of Apple iPhone X as well. This Tuesday, we finally had the luck to see a smartphone of a new generation. This model impresses not only with its amazing features but also with the price. It’s gonna be a very expensive thing, that comes with an extra modern OLED display, Face ID unlocking system, and Qi wireless charging. I suggest considering the main features of the iPhone X and find out if this smartphone’s functions are paying off its price.

The iPhone X OLED Screen and Battery Life

The iPhone X received a brand-new and ultramodern display called OLED. Previously, Apple has produced these displays for the Apple Watch Series, and now, like many other well-known companies started to use them for smartphones. So what is the value of this OLED display?

Impressive OLED screen, isn’t it?

The iPhone X looks completely different with its predecessor, the iPhone 8. The lucky ones who managed to hold this novelty in their hands at the conference confessed that the smartphone looks like a screen without any buttons. The screen of the iPhone X has a diagonal of 5.8 inches, a very thin frame and yes, it lacks the home button. As already mentioned, the new smartphone is equipped with the OLED display, while the previous models had a standard LCD screen. The resolution of such a display is 2436×1125, which means an incredible pixel density of 458 ppi. OLED allows the use of a wide range of colors and rich black, as it is an edge-to-edge and very flexible display. Furthermore, thanks to OLED, your smartphone will support TrueTone, meaning it will easily adjust the color temperature to the light around you.

In addition, switching to OLED displays does not mean it affects the battery life. The developers say that the iPhone X will get two more hours of battery life if comparing to previous models. But one should remember, that the battery life depends firstly on the activity level, use of apps, cellular coverage and more factors.

The iPhone X Face ID instead of Home Button

You are already in the middle of our iPhone X review but still, have not learned about the most important advantages of this smart gadget. So, as mentioned earlier, the iPhone X doesn’t have a home button for Touch ID and for a good reason: Apple has developed a special Face ID.

Turn your head around to unlock your iPhone.

Now, to unlock your iPhone, you just need to look at the screen. Face ID uses a TrueDepth camera-and-sensor system that scans and detects your face quickly. The trick is that with such a great number of sensors, Apple’s TrueDepth is able to detect your face in the dark, with glasses or hat on, after a haircut, etc. Also, it won’t let to unlock the device with a photograph or mask so that nobody except you will have an access to your iPhone X.

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TrueDepth uses cameras and an array of sensors to enable Face ID.

What is more, with the new Face ID unlocking system one can authenticate transactions, use apps, or activate Animoji.

iPhone X Two Cameras and Animoji

The world has already seen the two cameras for iPhone, but the new iPhone X excels all previous models in this case. Its two 12-megapixels cameras, located behind the device, have many distinctive qualities. Among them are a dual optical image stabilization, a quad-LED True Tone flash, large sensors for lower-light performance, zero shutter lag and some other things.

When using the iOS 11’s Camera app, your iPhone X will be able to take incredible pictures and selfies with the help of Portrait mode and the beta Portrait Lighting feature. These things detect the features of your face in detail and give every picture a certain amount of lighting to make the best photos ever.

New iPhone X gets two cameras with lenses stacked vertically.

In addition, the iPhone X TrueDepth camera system has a specific function called Animoji. This very interesting feature mimics your face expression and remembers what you say to sync the right emoji. You can send that emoji to your friend, or choose the one you like among a variety of options.

New iPhone X Gets a Powerful A11 Bionic Chip

The iPhone X also has a very functional and powerful microprocessor – its name is A11 Bionic chip. Apple A11 is a 64-bit ARM-microprocessor with six cores: two high-performance cores working 25% faster than Apple A10, and four high-efficiency cores maximizing battery life.

Apple has also produced a special three-core GPU for iPhone X, working over 30% better than the iPhone 7 GPU, meaning you will play popular games with the highest graphics and use augmented reality apps.

The A11 Bionic is a perfect solution when it comes to augmented reality apps.

iPhone X and Qi Wireless Charging

New AirPower charging pads will charge your iPhone X, Apple Watch Series, and AirPods simultaneously.

The other significant feature of new iPhone X is that it supports the Qi standard wireless charging. Obviously, the Qi wireless charging pads are compatible with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, delivering charge wirelessly and operatively. A great news is that Apple will soon start selling its AirPower charging pads that can charge iPhone, Apple Watch Series 3 and the AirPods simultaneously.

iPhone X Price and Release Date

Choose a space grey or silver iPhone X.

The last but most important thing of this article is to learn the final release date and price of the iPhone X. The silver or space grey smartphone will officially appear on the market on October 27, at a start price of $999 for 64GB of storage.