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We are the team of MacLifeOnline, and we are here to help you. The world of modern technologies sometimes is so complicated and unpredictable. So you just need to trust somebody while looking for a way out or just deciding for a user. is a website where you will find reliable reviews and solutions for various problems.

Our Authors

  • I am one of three founders of While being a professional journalist, I just love everything IT. I try to look forward and get as much knowledge in this field as possible. IT is the future, and this future is already here. Besides that, I also work as a freelance writer creating various types of content. And IT is just one of a few topics I like to write about. Modern technologies are so exciting, and I just don’t want to miss anything from this crazy and so fast developing the world. That is why MacLifeOnline is the place where I can start doing my own thing which I feel really excited about and truly interested in.
  • I am one of those girls who love tech and everything related to it. While being a devoted gamer, I discovered that the world of modern technologies is more diverse and accessible than most of us think. I prefer everything Apple and am totally in that area of technical knowledge. I am a Mac fan and try to follow all the freshest and up to date stuff on the market. We are all, actually, in MacLifeOnline following those most valuable trends. And that is why I love my team, and you will love it too. There are so much we can tell you and we will. Just follow our route, and you will be aware of all the most valuable products on the market.
  • I am trying my best at IT and freelance writing. While doing my day job as an IT specialist, I also write on various topics. And you could already guess IT and Macs are my favorite topics. Totally love it! I prefer to walk it not talk it. So, real tests and various reviews are just my thing I absolutely adore. Here at MacLifeOnline, we are free to deal with the most complicated and valuable issues, and I really appreciate it. While other websites are looking just for the most often searched topics, we are looking deeper and trying to bring the most interesting aspects to the surface.