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Our team is totally into Apple and its products. We are active Mac and iPhone users, so we face all those issues you do every day. And we already have found a solution. MacLifeOnline is a group of people actively surfing the web in search of most valuable and useful solutions. All the helpful info we find is systematically posted in this very section called Our Tips & Guides. We want to be helpful for our readers, so the info our team posts here is totally useful and well-analyzed.

Your iPad is the Best Digital Frame

There is a good chance to make your old iPad useful again. It is simple since you are able to turn it into a digital frame. A few years ago, Apple added a feature that allowed you to use photo slideshow button on the iPad lock screen, but it was removed on the later iOS…

Jennifer McDouglas

The Easiest Way to Install iOS 11.2.1

What is the most important you need to know about the latest iOS version 11.2.1: it restores a remote access for HomeKit shared users. The reason why Apple decided to disable it was a small vulnerability, which allowed unauthorized parties to have an access to various HomeKit accessories. Let’s not forget to mention the application…

Jason Kirk

iOS 11.2.5 Developer beta 2 for your Apple Devices

The release of iOS 11.2.5 is going to surprise many Apple users. However, there is also a good chance for many third-party developers to learn more about this version by using and testing betas. This is really important for those engineers, who are going to create some useful and helpful applications, which are based on…

Walden Harper

Apple Pay Cash: Simple Way To Set Up

Recently, Apple presented its latest application and it is incredibly useful. Many users wonder how to use this app properly and avoid some mistakes. We present you a small guide that can help you get all information about this recent innovation. First of all, you need to be sure that your Apple device is running…

Jennifer McDouglas

Apple May Bring Back Metal Casing for iPhones in 2018

A departure from glass backing to metal is possible in the family of Apple iPhones. It is still not long ago that a glass backing was introduced for the iPhones (namely, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models), but seemingly this may change soon. It is reported that Apple is working on a new 6.1…

Walden Harper

Why Does Your MacBook Need a Thorough Cleanup?

Does your MacBook run slow? Does it shut down spontaneously and periodically? Undoubtedly, all these problems are caused by your cluttered hard drive space. You should definitely get rid of unnecessary trash to boost your MacBook’s speed and performance. In order to find out what is definitely stored on your disk you have to go…

Jason Kirk

How to Clean Disk Space on Mac Issue is Still Popular

Looking at the technological progress, you would think that the modern hard drives with a huge amount of gigabytes could save you from the mentioned problem. However, they do not. Even the owners of solid-state drives are still able to see the same message. We will show you few ways how to clean disk space…

Jason Kirk

How to clean a Mac: Some Piece of Advice

Turn off the widgets Widgets are those applications on your desktop, such as a climate widget, a virtual aquarium, and a smart calendar. You might include any number of widgets on your desktop. However, you should remember that they will slow down the system’s work. First of all, you can delete the icons that are…

Jennifer McDouglas
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