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Our team is totally into Apple and its products. We are active Mac and iPhone users, so we face all those issues you do every day. And we already have found a solution. MacLifeOnline is a group of people actively surfing the web in search of most valuable and useful solutions. All the helpful info we find is systematically posted in this very section called Our Tips & Guides. We want to be helpful for our readers, so the info our team posts here is totally useful and well-analyzed.

Start Using an Apple ID to Get the Most out of Your Device

It is very important to create your Apple ID account because it is the key to everything you do with Apple, like sign in to iCloud, shop in the iTunes Store and buy apps. You cannot do without it if you want to use your iPad and new iPhone X at its full potential. Apple…

Jennifer McDouglas

My Mac is Running Slow. How to Fix the Problem?

Experienced Mac users know well all pros and cons of their devices. As to Mac reliability, there is no reason to deny it. But everything’s relative and Macs are far from being completely failure-free machines. Over time, probably over a longer time than other brands, Mac devices also tend to become slower and their users…

Jennifer McDouglas

Clean Up the Startup Disk Full Error Mac

Storage capacity is one of the things important for the functioning of the whole system. It is especially meaningful for basic Mac models as it is filling up much faster than you can expect. The reminder, appearing as “Mac disk full error”, serves to inform you that it is time to clean up your Mac…

Jason Kirk

How to Clean Up Mac Space

Macs can be considered as effective devices in terms of performance for any task or process. These systems are equipped with the new technologies that help improve the work of users. Regardless of its success, any Mac still encounters explicit performance problems due to the lack of an appropriate storage. Your Mac becomes cluttered and…

Jennifer McDouglas

How to Free up Memory on Mac

Among many issues that Mac users face with every day can be the full memory of their laptop. Some applications can use the inactive memory (sometimes it affects the recharge process). Especially, because OS X may keep it reserved in case you want to launch the app again. If it happens, OS X no longer…

Jason Kirk

Simple Methods on How To Clean Junk Files on Mac

There are some popular methods to clean up your MacBook. You always can perform this action by trying a manual way, however, there is also a good opportunity to find a proper software and make the same thing in few clicks. Many applications can offer you different features, but in order to avoid getting lost…

Jennifer McDouglas

How to Make Your Mac Run Faster

Don’t get dragged in with the idea that a brand new Mac is better off than an old one. Besides, they are very expensive so you want to ensure you get the money worth before opting for a new one. There are ways to make a slow Mac faster. Here are few tips to keep…

Walden Harper

Your iPad is the Best Digital Frame

There is a good chance to make your old iPad useful again. It is simple since you are able to turn it into a digital frame. A few years ago, Apple added a feature that allowed you to use photo slideshow button on the iPad lock screen, but it was removed on the later iOS…

Jennifer McDouglas
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