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Your iPad is the Best Digital Frame

Jennifer McDouglas,

There is a good chance to make your old iPad useful again. It is simple since you are able to turn it into a digital frame. A few years ago, Apple added a feature that allowed you to use photo slideshow button on the iPad lock screen, but it was removed on the later iOS versions. Now, you can use the same feature in a different way. Here’s how it can be done:

Settings > Photos > iCloud Photo sharing > Enable it. After that, you are able to create albums that sync with iCloud service between other Apple devices.

You can create a new shared album by following these steps: Photos > Shared > + in top the left corner > rename it “Photo Frame”.

You can add as many photos as you wish to that created and shared the album from any Apple device. Go to Photos > Shared > Photo Frame > +. However, make sure your album is not overload with photos.

In order to enable single app mode, you can do the next: Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. This will help to lock your iPad to the current app by clicking (triple-click) the Home button.

In order to prevent your iPad display from turning off automatically, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Never. Also, make sure the Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode are enabled.

Your digital frame is almost ready. Go to the new album – Photos > Shared > Photo Frame and tap on “Slideshow” in the top right corner. Moreover, there is an option to add different theme, music or transition speed by using options at the bottom right. Tap on “Play” to launch it.

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Do not forget to connect your iPad by using a lightning connector. This can help you see this wonderful digital frame for a long time.