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Apple Pay Cash: Simple Way To Set Up

Jennifer McDouglas,

Recently, Apple presented its latest application and it is incredibly useful. Many users wonder how to use this app properly and avoid some mistakes. We present you a small guide that can help you get all information about this recent innovation.

First of all, you need to be sure that your Apple device is running the iOS 11.2. Since this mentioned app is integrated with iOS 11.2 – now users have a great opportunity to proceed any money transactions in few seconds. It is not a unique app since services like Venmo or PayPal compete with it. The thing is – Apple Pay Cash is only available for the US.

This application is free for those people who own debit cards. However, who is an owner of a credit card gets a 3% fee by using his card in the app. This is a good opportunity though, even if your main card is a credit one, app’s defaults to using the debit card on file in order to avoid that fee.

Main requirements for this app:

  • Any Apple device with iOS 11.2 or Apple Watch with watchOS 4.2
  • You must be signed into your iCloud and iMessage account – using the same Apple ID and two-factor authentication
  • 18 years old
  • Eligible credit or debit card
  • In order to use this app fully, verify your identity

Setting up Apple Pay Cash

In order to set up your app, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Apple Pay Cash.

This application is using the Discover Network to complete any transactions alongside with Green Dot Bank. To keep your balance use your debit card. Make sure you added your debit card properly; sometimes it cannot be considered as a debit one. To do so, tap on “Add Different Card”.

Verifying your identity for Apple Pay Cash

In order to avoid some critical issues, make sure your identity has been verified. Go to Settings > Wallet & App > Apple Pay Cash > Swipe down to Card details option and tap on Verify identity. Fill up all necessary information to complete this process.

If you went through this process, you may see the next message:

How to use this app

After you have completed all steps above, you can start using Apple Pay Cash to make any transactions you need. Do not forget that the transaction process is available to all users who have set up the app too.

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Go to iMessage to send money. There you can see minus/plus symbol to adjust the amount or you can simply tap on the middle to use keypad if you need to send some specific amount.

The process of sending money to your friends is not hard. Make sure you are not running out of balance. In addition, your debit card must be the main payment method in your Apple Pay Cash settings. You can change your cards by tapping on the blue arrow next to the payment method.

If you are lucky owner of an iPhone X – a double click of the Side button is used to proceed the payment with Face ID authentication. Touch ID will be available for other devices, like an iPhone or iPad Mini 4, for example.

You can see the whole history of your transactions by tapping on the Apple Pay Cash message. By sending iMessages, you will also see a “delivered” status below it.

How to use Apple Pay Cash in different situations

Of course, the main option for this useful application is to send money. However, this is not the single one available for Apple users. You may also make a request and your friend can send you money by making all necessary actions. It is very simple to use application in different ways, but do not forget about your best friend Siri. There is a good option to ask Siri to make the commands for such transactions. Siri is able to give you a confirmation once your transfer is complete.

To ask Siri to request payments from other users/friends.

You can also withdraw money from Apple Pay Cash. Just use the next steps:

Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Apple Pay Cash > tap “Add money” or “Transfer to bank”.

How to use this app in stores

Since the modern progress is unstoppable, there is an easy way to use Apple Pay Cash in many stores to pay for any product. In some cases, you can be asked to provide your debit PIN to finish the transaction.