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Clean Up the Startup Disk Full Error Mac

Jason Kirk,

Storage capacity is one of the things important for the functioning of the whole system. It is especially meaningful for basic Mac models as it is filling up much faster than you can expect. The reminder, appearing as “Mac disk full error”, serves to inform you that it is time to clean up your Mac and free some space for good system operation.

You should have at least 15% of free space always available on your disk for the proper work of the programs if you do not want to face disk full error on Mac appearing here and there. It is not a surprise that it is not advisable to extend the limits of the disk but if you are already over the line, let’s learn the basic ways of how to get rid of junk files on your MacBook either manually or automatically (with the use of different cleaning programs like MacFly Pro etc).

Manual Cleaning

The easiest and pretty obvious thing which can be done immediately is emptying the Trash bin. You can skip this action if you take care of it regularly, but usually, users forget about the removed files once it has been dragged to the Trash. However, even these files take kilobytes, megabytes and even gigabytes of space. Make sure they are not important and empty trash. Then check your “Downloads”, the number of files kept there is often underestimated.

Sort all files by date or sections and start cleaning. It is also useful to clean the folder for mail downloads. Delete all the items you are sure you don’t need or your device will eventually have startup disk full error Mac and turn into the library with piles of crap (of course, if it is not your initial plan). These simple actions will bring you some free space, but you can go further and run built-in storage management program on your Mac to have an idea of the files taking the most space. Just open it clicking Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage.

Automatic Cleaning

As this is the 21st century, you obviously do not have to do it yourself. There are many automatic new tools on Apple which can help you make your life easier. Today we will have a look at MacFly Pro (obviously, you do not have to choose this one but it will be a good example). The program was created by people who know everything about Macs and Apple and it is a professional tool with a free trial. So how can it be helpful?

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To use MacFly Pro you should:

  • Startup the program;
  • Choose Cleanup Tab;
  • Press the button Scan (right under System button);
  • Wait until the scan completes and then press Clean Now;
  • Do the same for Leftovers.

You can also safely uninstall the apps you use rarely: the deep system cleaning of that kind will not only provide you with smooth work but also with smart assistant monitoring your device after you finish working to make sure that everything works perfect. Awesome, right?