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Simple Methods on How To Clean Junk Files on Mac

Jennifer McDouglas,

There are some popular methods to clean up your MacBook. You always can perform this action by trying a manual way, however, there is also a good opportunity to find a proper software and make the same thing in few clicks. Many applications can offer you different features, but in order to avoid getting lost among many of those apps, you can try to download and use MacFly Pro.

Features of MacFly Pro

This simple and smart app has a combination of three main features (Smart Assistant, Cleanup, Tools). Together they perfectly help and give some advice on how to clean mac from junk. Just in few clicks, you are able to learn and see how to get rid of junk files on Mac  without any possible consequences for your MacBook Pro. It also makes your system perform better and faster or notifies whether you have any issues or not. You may get notifications, like “Mac ready for upgrade” meaning that app has some improvements to make.

The manual way is the best method for the experienced users since the situation when you need to clean mac of junk requires some serious steps.

How to Remove Junk Files on Mac Manually

For someone who is not experienced enough manual cleaning is hardly advisable. There are few good reasons:

  • Applications are unique like any of us
  • There is no common technique to keep temp files or caches. Each app is designed to make its own folders to store different files.

That is why using a manual method in order to find all these files inside your system is very difficult. It also can make some serious damage to your Mac and its applications specifically. In this case, you need to rely on some good applications that were created with a special goal – to delete junk. MacFly Pro can easily do this for you in few minutes. Moreover, it will help you avoid the manual method, where you can easily delete or transfer data wrongly or junk off some important files.

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For devs: How to delete the Xcode junk

There is also a good guide for Apple developers, who often use XCode in the developing process. In this case, using this XCode can be surprisingly bad since it can consume tons of your hard drive space, including the old cache or junk files. The result is as follows: your Mac starts to perform very slowly. This is why it is recommended to get help from a trusted application. However, an experienced user may try these paths to remove junk:



~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport



~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

Important to know: this may not be helpful if you have used the above list not properly. In order to prevent any serious damage – consider using MacFly Pro and forget about cleaning process for a very long time.

Make sure you follow all steps and try to avoid the manual method if you are not sure how certain app or system, in general, will perform later.