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Make Your Mac Ready for macOS High Sierra Upgrade

Jason Kirk,

The first public beta version of macOS operating system for desktops has been already introduced. Absolutely everybody can use it in its full capacity. A lot of ordinary users are not afraid to take a risk on dealing with the unfinished product. However, you have to make sure that your Mac is well enough prepared for the installation process and download.

MacOS High Sierra is a widely compatible system software update for your Mac. It aims to improve and refine the overall experience of the Mac operating system due to improving existing features and incorporating new technologies. A fully operational Apple File System (APFS) is one of the main innovations in High Sierra. Apple has updated the capabilities of such apps like Siri, Photos, and Safari browser and added support for new video and photo formats (HEVC and HEIF).

The final release of macOS High will be available in the Mac App Store. It will be eligible for such devices: Mac Pro, MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro.

You can download the beta version from the Apple Beta Software Program website using your Apple ID. However, decide how you are going to download it. You can download and install the macOS High Sierra public beta directly onto your computer or on a separate partition of the drive in order to test the new system safely without losing some important files.

It is recommended to clean up your Mac and free up hard disk space with the use of the special cleanup utilities. Your Mac will definitely impress you with high performance if you take these necessary steps before upgrading your operating system.

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Recommendations on how to clean up a Mac

  1. Use MacFly Pro in order to remove applications you don`t use anymore. You will be able to get rid of some extensions and leftovers of previously deleted apps. Moreover, this program will help you clear the app`s service content with just one click.
  2. The MacFly Pro will allow you to find and remove duplicate files which block up your disk space.
  3. Remember that some files can be just hidden from your view. But it doesn`t mean that they don`t choke the space on your disk. So, take advantage of the MacFly Pro to find and remove hidden files.

Make use of MacFly Pro in order to clear caches and junk files.