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Clear Mozilla Firefox Browser Cache Now

Walden Harper,

The word “cache” means any data of previously viewed web page content (images, videos etc.) stored in computer’s memory for further fast access. More precisely, such data is kept in a fast-access memory section located on a hard disc. Storing the info about visited sites in cache speeds up the browser’s operation, because when the user clicks the button to view a cached page, it downloads almost instantly. While some uncached page has to be every time fetched from a web server and hence usually takes a lot more time to appear in your browser.

However, when the amount of stored data becomes considerable, the cache is virtually “choked” and the computer works slower. The reason is that excessive size of cached information overloads the hard disk memory. In this case, to restore the computer’s fast work, the user should remove unnecessary cached data. So the cache should be periodically cleared to release the space on the hard disk. Besides, in some case, removal of excessive cache improves the page display.

In this short tutorial are the steps of the simple procedure of such a cleanup. The users of Safari and Google Chrome are welcome to read the article on How to delete browsing history.

Cleaning the Cache in Mozilla Firefox Browser:

1. Open the browser.

2. Go to Menu Bar → History → Clear Recent History

3. Choose Time Range to Clear:

  • Last hour
  • Last two hours
  • Last four hours
  • Today
  • Everything

4. Click “Clear Now” button

You may want to remove only cookies without touching the rest of cached data in Firefox Browser. In this case, you are welcome to article on How to clear cookies on Mac.

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Alternative Cleanup of Mozilla Firefox Browser: Using MacFly Pro software

To clear up Mozilla Firefox Browser from the unnecessary cache, one can also make use of MacFly Pro software, whose basic function is resetting the browser to default settings.

The cleanup procedure includes three simple steps:

  1. Download App Cleaner from the App Store. Launch it
  2. Choos Firefox from the scanned apps and select its cache files.
  3. Click the “Remove” button
MacCleaner Tool

With the help of MacFly Pro, the user can remove cache of any application.