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The Features of Using the Keychain Access on MacOS Sierra

Jennifer McDouglas,

Remembering passwords is not the easiest thing in the world and I doubt if it’s possible to remember them all. An excellent solution here is to put the same password on all accounts, but then, unfortunately, there are more chances of being hacked. What about a Wi-Fi password? When connecting our Mac to network, we enter the password only once and don’t need to do it again. But some time later, you will need to enter the password again – what if you do not remember it? What to do in such cases?

There is one very reliable and useful thing called Keychain Access. It’s an application that remembers all your logins and passwords for different websites, and which you can use to view the saved Wi-Fi password on your Mac. The Keychain Access is used by macOS, and stores account names and passwords for Mac, websites, apps, and servers, as well as retrieves passwords. In case you have a problem with the Wi-Fi connection, here is a short instruction on viewing saved passwords using the Keychain Access.

Check out This Instruction on Using the Keychain Access

Step #1. Open Keychain Access.

To do this, you choose between two possible ways. The first option is to use the spotlight search. At the upper right side, type the words “Keychain Access” in the menu bar. Open the application.

The other option includes the following steps: open the Applications folder, then go to the Utilities folder, find “Keychain Access” to open it.

Step #2. Find the needed network to view its password.

At the top left side, you see a list of keychains. Choose “Category” and then, in the subcategories, click on the “passwords”. Then, search the network you need on the list. As soon as you found the right Wi-Fi network to view or change the password, double-click it and the box will pop up.

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Keychain Access on macOS Sierra

Step #3. Authenticate and view the password.

When you double-click the icon with the needed Wi-Fi network, it will open a new window with details about that network. They contain its name (meaning “Name” and “Account”), type of network, your account details, and other things.

Authenticate and View the Password

Now click the box next to the “Show password” field. Then, it will ask to authenticate by entering a username and password two times. Click on “allow”.

Authentication Permits

This authentication allows the Keychain Access application to view the needed Wi-Fi password. Now, get your password, and if you want to change it, enter the new password and click on “save changes”. It can be seen in the previous window in the text box to the right of the “show password” box.

To sum up, the Keychain Access application is a helpful tool to find and view the saved Wi-Fi password on your Mac. What is more, it comes free on every Mac and has some other functions that worth considering. Firstly, the Keychain Access is the most useful password management app for macOS Sierra. Secondly, it can save and find passwords for different applications or internet passwords. The key thing of using that helpful method is to remember to save passwords to find them later. So, make sure you choose to remember passwords in order to get access to them.