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Accelerate the Transfer of Data and Allow Devices to Work Better with Ultra Accessory Connector (UAC)

Jason Kirk,

We are constantly watching how Apple rapidly develops and uses more and more new technologies. The company always tries to please its fans, so its inventions often surprise or even fascinate. But it is not always like that as Apple users often notice that the products of this technology giant are expensive and not very convenient. That is, for example, you get an ultramodern iPhone model developed with innovative technology, but it makes you feel uncomfortable.

It has happened quite recently when Apple removed a headphone jack from iPhone, putting its customers in an awkward position. Most users not only rejected the new Lightning headphones but still often complain about these innovations. The fact is that no matter how good the Lightning headphones sound, you cannot use them with the USB-C port. USB-C is actually smarter and more useful than the Lightning port, this was taken into account in the new Apple MacBook Pros, but nevertheless, the corporation remains a supporter of its Lightning connector. Is it worth to hope that the company will adopt USB-C in all Mac and iOS devices soon?

Fortunately, there is an alternative way out. Recently, Apple has started working on a new project, which intends to accelerate the transfer of data and allow devices to work better. The name of this project is the Ultra Accessory Connector (UAC), the brand-new innovation designed for all iPhone and iPad accessories.

UAC will be of a great value for the company’s products, as it has several advantages. It’s a useful 8-pin connector with a size of 2.05 x 4.85mm, which is similar to the ultra mini USB connectors. Unlike USB-C or the same Lightning, the UAC connector requires less space on the gadget, which can be its main benefit. Now it becomes clear why the first implementation of UAC was designed specifically for Apple headphones.

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Obviously, the company is not yet going to replace the standard Lightning port with a brand new UAC on iOS devices. But UAC will play its specific but important role: thanks to UAC, it will be much easier to use the Lightning and USB-C headphones with other connectors.