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Don`t miss the chance to convert your iPhone into a real multi-functional camera

Pictar One has improved iPhone`s photographing capabilities

Walden Harper,

It goes without saying that iPhone with its powerful capabilities has changed the history of photography. Its photographic technology can easily match the standards of the professional cameras that is really amazing. That`s why this smartphone has become the most popular camera in the whole world. However, there are some inconveniences that users can face nowadays. These sleek, thin and slick smartphones don`t provide us with a secure external grip that could make a process of taking pictures easier and more comfortable.

Apple decided that time of great changes has already come. So, meet Pictar One – an ergonomic versatile SLR-style camera grip. With this new technological device, mobile-photographers won`t be afraid that their iPhones can slip out of their fingers and fall to the ground. Pictar One gives you a wonderful opportunity to unleash a huge power of your smartphone`s camera for better photographing experiences. Ultimate availability of the iPhone, advanced camera technology, secure and stable grip and full external control of all shooting functions – all these features were combined to provide you with something really useful. You can choose among two versions of Pictar One which one is most appropriate for you: Pictar Camera Grip for iPhone and Pictar Plus Camera Grip for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8.

Versatile SLR-style camera grip Pictar One
Versatile SLR-style camera grip Pictar One

The key characteristics of Pictar One

We have already made sure that Pictar One shoots like a real camera and feels like a real camera. But what exactly can it do for its users and their iPhones? Let`s consider the main features of this comfortable ergonomic grip.

The zoom ring

You will be able to zoom in and out with just one hand. It is quite possible because the rotating zoom is located below the shutter release button.

Exposure compensation wheel

The exposure compensation wheel makes it possible to choose the brightness level even before the shooting. It is strategically located in the right corner.

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The virtual wheel

With the help of the Virtual Wheel you can easily control different modes just using your thumb.

Multi-state shutter release

This button will make precise and intuitive shooting with just one hand much easier. It offers a full press mode for immediate shutter release and a half-press mode for creating the desired composition of moving object.

The selfie button

Click the zoom ring in order to switch the front and back camera of your iPhone to take a selfie you will definitely love to share with others.

The “Smart Wheel”

You will have the opportunity to control 7 pre-set modes such as video mode, selfie mode, auto mode, portrait mode, snow mode, landscape mode and sports mode. More advanced users can choose between 3 modes: Manual, ISO priority, and Shutter priority. With the “Smart Wheel” you will easily control a great variety of functions.

Ergonomic grip

Pictar One won`t fall out of your grasp – its grip is coated with an anti-slip material. It sits comfortably in just one hand! Just experience that feeling of holding a real camera. This trendy retro design is really impressive.

Pictar App

Pictar One works with the special camera app which features patented high-frequency dual tone sound control. Pictar emits a sound that generates a corresponding action when you press a button, turn a dial or a wheel. Pictar App is quite straightforward and easy to use. The high-frequency dual tone increases battery life significantly. You will be able to use Pictar App for 4-6 months until the power source replacement will be required.

Pictar App offers a lot of adjustment options
Pictar App offers a lot of adjustment options

The wrist and neck straps

You don`t have to waste time on looking for your smartphone which is somewhere in your bag. Just take advantage of a neck strap in order to carry Pictar One and a wrist strap to prevent it from falling.

The wrist strap
The wrist strap

Pictar Padded Case

Keep your Pictar One safe when you don`t use it putting it in the Pictar Padded Case.