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Get to Know Your Fans Better with Apple Music for Artists

Jason Kirk,

At last, artists will know everything about their fans` preferences thanks to Apple Music for Artists, which is already available today. According to an outline by Billboard, a famous American weekly magazine dedicated to the music industry, Apple did everything possible to give all musicians the unique opportunity to find out which buying and listening habits their fans have. It is very important for every artist to get insight into the most common music consumption and downloading habits in order to know what exactly on the market. So, Apple Music for Artists is a useful app that provides musicians with information on song purchases, album purchases, spins, and total plays.

With Apple Music for Artists, it will be much easier to plan the next product launches and tours, since the artists will get the information about listener demographics. They will know what people listen to and among which age group they are most popular. Due to the transfer of data from individual markets and even cities artists’ investigations will be even more profound. This app will highlight the time when a musician reaches a significant amount of plays.

Apple Music for Artists will become one of the most useful tools for those independent artists who didn’t have a chance to get the access to such kind of information before. The thing is that a lot of artists just can`t afford to do a deep major market research. So, this new app will help millions of talented artists decide what music to produce and where to perform. Now, Apple Music for Artists is being tested by a few thousand of artists and bands who suggest their expansions and adjustments concerning the app’s functioning in order to turn it into something a music industry won’t be able to live without.

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Soon it will be available for all artists, who offer their products on iTunes and Apple Music and want to gain the popularity.