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Apple Music vs Spotify: Details in Comparison

Walden Harper,

During the WWDC 2015 on 8 June, Apple has officially unveiled Apple Music. Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek commented this move just with two words on Twitter: “OH, ok.” Even though he deleted his tweet, it was an indication of something serious, meaning that Spotify has a strong enemy on the music streaming market. At 2015, the total number of Spotify’s subscribers reached 75 million active users.

Apple Music is the default app on every iPhone/iPad, so many users would enjoy it immediately. As a response, Spotify has increased its free trial period to two months to make sure they can hold the enormous number of subscribers. Here, we offer you to take a look at the main differences between two famous apps.

1. Price

As Apple launched it for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, users could sign up and use the service for free for three months, including the final stage of subscription by charging $9, 99 per month. You can find a free option for Apple music, but it can offer limited features.

Users are not able to listen to the music from the Apple Music Library, which is why many people consider using Spotify. Spotify can offer an ad-supported option if you like streaming music. Offline listening is not available for both applications.

Spotify subscription has the same price, which is $9,99 per month, offering unlimited streaming without ads at the best quality. Apple Music has a special offer – Family Option. You can link six individual accounts at the cost of $14,99 per month (including the Family Membership option). The same option is also available for Spotify users, including the package of five people – for $29,99.

Spotify is one-step ahead of Apple because they can offer a student discount.

2. Catalogue

Regarding the musical content, Apple Music has a huge advantage since it has an iTunes Library, where more than 40 million tracks are available. Spotify has only 30 million tracks, including the best songs of Taylor Swift. In this case, Apple is far ahead, because they promised to pay all of its artists due to their policy.

3. Audio quality

The quality numbers are different. For example, Apple Music is currently offering 256kbps quality. Spotify can offer you the 320kbps if you subscribe to the Premium account. Important to notice the difference between its tracks: Apple Music is AAC – Spotify is mp3. In this case, the usage of AAC is better due to compression.

4. Compatibility

Both apps are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone and Android systems. However, Apple Music may not work on the Windows Phone app.

5. Other features

By subscribing to the Premium account on both apps, it allows you to choose songs you want to stream. There are also special recommendations of playlists designed to fulfill your daily activity. Many famous radio stations may also fit your current mood through both of these apps. Offline listening, as we described above, available by paid-for membership.

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6. Music discovery

If you want to find some new songs or artists, there is a good tool available for both apps that will help you discover music. If you use Spotify – this tool is called ‘Discover.’ You can find many recommendations by different classification: artists, albums or individual tracks. However, you cannot see playlists in this section, but you may add all tracks from recommended to your list.

One of the best options presented in Spotify is Browse section through which you will get a top list, genres, and moods, newest releases from the music world.

In Apple Music, you have ‘For You’ option with the recommendations for various taste. It also includes albums and playlists chosen by experts in different styles/genres of music. Apple made a strong emphasis, offering the ‘human’ element of any recommendations.

However, it is hard to identify which app is the best option for you. Both apps have a lot of different playlists and songs for users around the world.

7. Radio

Apple Music has a special 24/7 radio station called Beats1. Such famous DJs like Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga will be running it in three locations around the world. Both apps can also offer similar Radio functionality. You can pick any artist and create a radio station based on his/her musical content.

‘Social’ element in Apple Music and Spotify

The ‘social’ element presents in both applications. For example, Apple Music has a special feature – Connect. Here, many artists can post their photos, videos, and more additional stuff (including some emoji by using Character Viewer) to connect with their fans, and users can comment or share this content. However, the users themselves cannot create a post, so there is no threat for Facebook or Twitter.

Spotify integrates with the famous social network – Facebook, where you can see what your friends are listening to. In this case, we feel like Spotify has a little advantage in comparison with Apple Music.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Conclusion

Picking between these two already famous apps is hard. However, many users around the world have made their decision. Because Apple released its app after Spotify, it has created huge competitiveness among the community of music fans. Quit the subscription is available anytime if you do not want to use these apps anymore.

Including all advantages and disadvantages we mentioned above, you can pick your app and enjoy favorite tracks whenever you want.