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Apple May Bring Back Metal Casing for iPhones in 2018

Walden Harper,

A departure from glass backing to metal is possible in the family of Apple iPhones. It is still not long ago that a glass backing was introduced for the iPhones (namely, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models), but seemingly this may change soon. It is reported that Apple is working on a new 6.1 iPhone model with a metal casing. With such a design, the new smartphone will look more similar to iPhone 7, than to iPhone 8.

The appearance of next year’s iPhones, according to Kuo

The news supports the rumors raised after the report by industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities) about three new iPhones to be released in 2018.  They will be a 6.1 inch LCD and two versions with OLED screen: a 5.8 inch and a 6.3 inch ones. Metal backing is only mentioned in relation to the 6.1 inch smartphone. The LCD model should be the most affordable one, while the two OLEDs may become the development of the current iPhone and iPhone Plus. All the three should be full screen models like the present iPhone X.

Possible reverse transition (probably partial) from glass to metal backing may be logically explained by latter’s greater durability. From time to time reports appear in the media about the excessive fragility of the new models with glass cases. Being “easy to break” certainly does not contribute to a phone’s overall image and is in a great controversy with the existing advanced features. So a trend to a solid, in particular, the metal case would only enhance the iPhones’ quality.

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