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You Won't Find the Original iPhone X on the Store Shelves Soon

Jason Kirk,

It is known that the prices for the newest phone models can fall significantly when they get old. That`s why a lot of people usually wait for excessive periods for such desired discount on the phone they have been dreaming about. However, it won`t work if you are going to buy iPhone X, which is considered to be the most impressive iPhone to date.

According to KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple won`t make the price of this iPhone model cheaper – it will just discontinue it. It means that Apple iPhone X will immediately disappear from store shelves when the second-generation model will be presented. The point is that lineup of 2018 new models and product brand value can be hurt if Apple continues to sell iPhone X at a lower price. Unfortunately, Apple hasn`t responded to a request for a comment yet.

Now, all we can do is to guess whether this prediction will come true. But everybody who wanted to buy iPhone X in a year should decide whether to get it right now and enjoy its cool features or just wait for a new ultra-modern machine.

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