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New iPhones May Come with 7nm Chips

Jason Kirk,

Recently, Bloomberg, a major global provider of 24-hour news on trade and finance, has announced that Apple is going to produce its next-generation iPhones with a new chip that is already put in the production. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world`s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, has started the mass production of the 7-nanometer chips that are going to be more efficient and faster in spite of its small size. Due to this 7-nanometer design, Apple will be able to beat its competitors because users will enjoy longer battery life and faster app loading times.

Taking into the consideration the fact that nowadays we observe the global smartphone industry slowdown, we can surely say that leaders of the smartphone markets should definitely come up with something new if they want to maintain such position. Apparently, there are other phone manufacturers that are currently developing the same technologies.

Officially, this 7-nanometer chip will be called the A12. It is going to be Apple`s huge jump over the A11 сhip. This new design will deliver serious graphics and performance power to its trio of future iPhones. It is said that we will have the opportunity to see these dramatic iPhone changes with our own eyes the next fall. Among new iPhone models, we are expecting to find a lower-priced phone with a 6.1-inch LCD, a plus-sized variant and the update to the iPhone X.

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