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A Forecast of the Three Upcoming iPhones. They Could All Look Like the iPhone X

Jason Kirk,

A prediction (in the form of a research note) has appeared about the iPhone line up of 2018. According to its author, Ming-Chi Kuo who is an industry analyst known for his reviews about Apple products, three iPhones will be released in 2018. As shown in the picture, all the three models will have a common full-screen appearance. If this comes true, the appearance of the present iPhone X will serve as a model for next year’s iPhone releases.

According to the prediction, the iPhones to be released will include two models equipped with OLED display (a 5.8 inch and a 6.5 inch ones) and a 6.5 inch model with an LCD display. The OLED models can be considered as upgrades of iPhone X (the 5.8 inch model) and iPhone X Plus (the 6.5 inch one), being the two above mentioned models very similar to their predecessor. While the OLEDs are oriented to high-end buyers, the LCD model is the most affordable of the three: its initial price, according to Kua, will vary within $649 to $749, which is approximately the price of the current iPhone 8. Another news about this model is its metal coating that is to replace the glass of the recent iPhones. And the following novelty applies to all three models: the batteries will be seriously upgraded. The new batteries will be L-shaped units of a larger size with a capacity up to 3,000 mAh and a considerably longer service life. The expert’s prediction also suggests that the new iPhones (and iPad pro) will come with Face ID.

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The above-mentioned predictions suggest that the most important changes in the next year’s the iPhones line up will include the appearance (a general transfer to full screen) and more powerful L-shaped batteries.