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Follow Apple’s Schedule: All Apple’s Events in 2018

Walden Harper,

Many famous industry-wide events like CES or E3 invite all people around the world. However, the most valuable and successful company does not participate, since Apple always launches its events, where they present the latest products or services. These ‘Special Events’ and streams attract millions of fans, including also the participation of the press, professionals or developers.

For instance, you may hear about Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which is a famous multi-day event taken place in the middle of the year. The main aim of such conference to help many developers around the world learn more about the latest Apple products (the best time to try New Apple iPhone X), tools or software. The announcement of the exact dates of Apple’s events is usually beforehand. Here is the list of all events you may visit this year.

March 2018: New iPads, iPhone SE 2 and Apple TV stuff

There was no official announcement of this special event. However, it often holds in the spring, mostly in March. However, when Apple released the newest 9.7-inch iPad, the Clips app, and some major changes for iPad mini and iPhone SE’s storage there was no special event for this purpose. In 2016, the newest products like iPhone SE, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and a few Apple Watch updates were available at the March event.

Some users hope to see an update to the iPad mini since the 4th generation is getting too old. The spring event is the best time to present a new low-cost model of the refreshed iPhone SE. SXSW Conference will be held this year in March, and a featured speaker is Eddy Cue.

WWDC: June 2018

Undoubtedly, this is the biggest Apple event of the year. The duration of the current event is always a week, including many sessions for developers who want to improve or create some new apps or services for Apple products. More interesting things and facts are going to appear this year, including the latest changes to Apple’s developer tools and APIs.

WWDC is also a good time when Apple presents the latest development in its world of operating systems, introducing at the same time new hardware products (Special New iMac Pro will be in the center of attention for sure).

Mac Pro

Apple has made many announcements and statements regarding the new Mac Pro, which is necessary to replace the round “trash can” model that has not been updated in a few years. There are many chances to see the newest Mac Pro this year at WWDC. However, some specialists tend to believe that it will be postponed to the next year. In few words, the newest Mac Pro has an easier service, including the latest features like oodles of high speed I/O ports, which are necessary for Pro users.

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The new Mac Pro is expected to be something between the huge ‘cheese grater’ and the tiny ‘trash can’ models.

New Apple Monitor

iMac Pro is not going to be the only one revolutionary and modern innovation this year. Apple said it’s going to present a new Apple Monitor, which will be logical to see alongside with the Mac Pro. The newest Apple monitor will be 5K iMac display, including the high dynamic range capabilities and high refresh rates (120 or better).

MacBook, MacBook Pro, iOS 12 and macOS 10.14

At WWDC, many people expect to see an update to the MacBook line as well. However, some major changes to the MacBook Pro are not expected. There is a hope to hear from Apple an announcement regarding the update to the new processors.

WWDC is the best time and place, where Apple usually announces the changes or updates to the latest iOS. This year, we hope to see these changes as well. The same changes we expect to see regarding the development of macOS, including the better reliability and performance.

September 2018: iPhone Event – Three iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods

Traditionally, September is a time when Apple has a special event to introduce the latest models or some major changes to the iPhone. Hard to say what Apple is saving for this year. However, many speculations tend to exist about the iPhone 9 or iPhone 10. Since 2015 iPhone is not only the one thing to be discussed at September’s event: Apple Watch and Apple TV join this event respectively. More likely to expect some major changes or features. However, it is also unclear. Let us wait for official Apple’s statements. The biggest rumor for this September’s event is – AirPods 2. We can only wait and see what Apple will show us.

Special Event: October 2018?

Another huge event is expected to be held by Apple in October. It is hard to say what we are going to see. However, the previous October events had many surprises for all fans: including a new MacBook Pro in 2016, iPad Air 2 in 2014 or a new iPad Mini in 2013.

Follow these major events by Apple and find out more about the latest products and changes for your favorite devices.