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Delete Unnecessary Images from iPhone with Mac Help

Jennifer McDouglas,

An overload with photos and other images is a common problem for iPhone users. Fortunately, nearly all modern devices have smart features that allow an effective solution for that inconvenience, caused by bulk deleting items. Here is how Mac copes with the issue.

To get rid of all unnecessary images at once, Mac offers a useful utility called Image Capture. You launch it on your Mac connected to the iPhone with the standard cable included. By the way, Image Capture can also grab images from different connected devices, such as various type of cameras, iOS or scanners.

Within Image Capture, you find Devices column where you select your iPhone. In the Import To pop-up menu, you have to define the destination folder for the batch of unneeded images, you wish to transfer. The list includes quite a few items: Movies, Pictures, Desktop, iPhoto, Aperture and others. Here you can choose Other and then select any folder you like. To import your photos and other images, use Import All button on the bottom right. In so doing, you will import all the images stored in Camera Roll.

The next step includes clicking Command-A to select all images on the iPhone and deleting them (Delete button appears as the common circle-with-a-slash). And finally, you are asked for confirmation. It is at this moment that the images are actually deleted.

However, you can bulk delete the image stuff of your iPhone even without resorting to Mac help, that is, directly on the iPhone.

For that purpose, use the Photos app, where you should find Moments view in the Photos tab on the left. Here you tap Select on the top-right and then tap Select link near each group of images you wish to remove. After that use Trash button on the bottom right and confirm your intention to delete the stuff.

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Important note. Even now the deleted images may still exist on your iPhone. And occupy valuable space as they did before! That is due to the iCloud based Photo Stream service whose function is to store your recent pictures on your registered devices. Luckily it is optional as well. Meaning that you may completely remove unnecessary images from your device and release space. For that purpose, you should switch off Photo Stream from the iPhone. The path is as follows: Settings > Photos & Camera. Here set My Photo Stream to Off. Now the images finally disappear.

The latter way of removing images has a smart bonus that may be important for the user. The pictures no longer occupy any space on your device, but they remain easily available from iCloud, where their copies are stored. To make them reappear you just have to switch Photo Stream back on. And your deleted pictures may be in the same way fetched from any of your registered devices on which Photo Stream is enabled.

That was another little technique that makes your use of iPhone even easier. And for now good luck and don’t hesitate to consult.