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Our team is totally into Apple and its products. We are active Mac and iPhone users, so we face all those issues you do every day. And we already have found a solution. MacLifeOnline is a group of people actively surfing the web in search of most valuable and useful solutions. All the helpful info we find is systematically posted in this very section called Our Tips & Guides. We want to be helpful for our readers, so the info our team posts here is totally useful and well-analyzed.

Internet Setting Priorities

There are situations when it is important to enable your Mac to perform automatic switching between connections. It may happen, for example, when you need a slower connection for an urgent printing job and, between printing sessions, you wish a fast internet surfing. With macOS, you can easily prioritize your network connections by setting which…

Jennifer McDouglas

How to Troubleshoot a Swollen Photos Cache Folder

This problem is not unique. Many users experienced such trouble with Photo Library and could not continue to make new photos or share pictures with their friends. A small example from one user, who had this awkward situation: the number of files, photos, used by this user and his wife was enormous. For some time,…

Walden Harper

Cleaning Firefox Cache

The word “cache” means any data of previously viewed web page content (images, videos etc.) stored in computer’s memory for further fast access. More precisely, such data is kept in a fast-access memory section located on a hard disc. Storing the info about visited sites in cache speeds up the browser’s operation, because when the…

Walden Harper

What to Do Before Installing Sierra on Your Mac

The first public beta version of macOS operating system for desktops has been already introduced. Absolutely everybody can use it in its full capacity. A lot of ordinary users are not afraid to take a risk on dealing with the unfinished product. However, you have to make sure that your Mac is well enough prepared…

Jason Kirk

Find Your MAC Address and Change it on macOS

Sometimes it occurs that we have a need to find or change the MAC address of our computers. In case you don’t remember, a Media Access Control, or simply MAC, is a unique address, which is used to identify your computer on a network. And each network card on a computer card has a unique…

Walden Harper

Bulk Deleting Images iPhone

An overload with photos and other images is a common problem for iPhone users. Fortunately, nearly all modern devices have smart features that allow an effective solution for that inconvenience, caused by bulk deleting items. Here is how Mac copes with the issue. To get rid of all unnecessary images at once, Mac offers a…

Jennifer McDouglas

Useful Ways to Restore Deleted Files in MacOS Sierra

Do you often clean your computer for unnecessary files and information? Probably, your Trash on the desktop has long been crammed. Has it ever happened to you that you deleted certain files from your Mac, but then regretted it so much? Well, you are not alone, many people wonder whether there is a way to…

Jason Kirk

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on macOS Sierra

Remembering passwords is not the easiest thing in the world and I doubt if it’s possible to remember them all. An excellent solution here is to put the same password on all accounts, but then, unfortunately, there are more chances of being hacked. What about a Wi-Fi password? When connecting our Mac to network, we…

Jennifer McDouglas
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