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The Problem of Photo Cache Folder and Mac Users. Solve the Popular Trouble Immediately!

Walden Harper,

This problem is not unique. Many users experienced such trouble with Photo Library and could not continue to make new photos or share pictures with their friends. A small example from one user, who had this awkward situation: the number of files, photos, used by this user and his wife was enormous. For some time, they managed to use Library plus iCloud Photo Library and external HD to save their favorite photos. Later, he found out that there is no longer a possibility for them to use both services since space wasn’t enough to continue such actions and the rendering option became useless.

The same problem seemed to be occurred in the different posts, regarding the Photo Library service. The community of Apple users attacked many forums in order to find a “cure”.

However, it did not take long for professional users to find the reason for this problem and to create the way of solving it.

Follow the advice step-by-step and enjoy your photo collection

If we take a look again at the example, mentioned above, it seems like that both users had their photos in the high quality, which makes their files bigger than usual and that also filled up the cache folder faster than it should. This may be solved by entering the settings of iCloud (just go Photos> Preferences> iCloud) in order to make the optimal size of created photos or videos. Usually, the folder can have space for 1.5gb to be consumed.

The worst part of this problem, that this can be not a full bug after some update, but just a mistake made by a team of developers. In terms of sharing the favorite content, there is a chance for your device to be affected by the same problem again.

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If you can’t fight the problem – just delete it. The modern way to deal with problems

Unfortunately, if you want to solve this problem with the storage – the only way to do it is to lower the number of albums, which are normally used by people for sharing. Follow these simple steps to complete the action:

  1. Select the album and click on the button at upper right (a name of person with a special circle-sign)
  2. Delete the chosen album and as a result, you will free some space of your cache (the photos will not be deleted, but the share function is going to be disabled)

However, it caused another problem – those albums, no longer available for sharing, remained in the folder. To complete the process, delete the mentioned folder and your cache will be refreshed. This option helped many users. Make sure to do this correctly, by following next procedure:

  1. Go to Photos > Preferences > iCloud, all options there must be disabled
  2. Quit Photos
  3. Click Go > Go To Folder in the Finder > paste “~/Library/Containers > then Go
  4. Delete folder “apple.cloudphotosd”
  5. Clear the trash
  6. Go to Photos and re-enable the options

That will start the process of re-downloading and re-caching the shared albums. Enjoy your favorite collection of photos.

This small guide may be useful for you and your device if you followed all mentioned steps above correctly.