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A Wireless Charging Pad that Really Makes the Difference

Jason Kirk,

Are you tired of cleaning up the mess of charging cables for your gadget? Then, this useful Apple`s technical novelty is a right thing for you. So, what is AirPower exactly? It is a charging pad that will give you a wonderful opportunity to charge your iPhone wirelessly. As you see, Apple does everything possible to provide its users with wireless future. You don`t have to plug in your iPhone anymore – just put it on the AirPower pad in order to start the process of charging. One more thing you have to do is to plug the AirPower pad into a power outlet. Everything is pretty simple. The main advantage is that you can charge all your devices anywhere.

Presentation of the Apple AirPower
Presentation of the Apple AirPower

The principle of AirPower`s work

The work of AirPower consists in induction. It means that in order to transfer power from this wireless charging pad to your gadget an electromagnetic field is used. You should take into the consideration the fact that only three iPhone models can be charged with the use of AirPower: iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus and iPhone X. These models have the essential hardware support for wireless charging. While using the AirPower, your gadgets will display a specific charging interface.

The devices that are also compatible with AirPower


AirPower can work with the Apple Watch Series 2, the new Apple Watch Series 3, the Apple Watch Edition, the original Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Nike+ and the Apple Watch Hermes. AirPods are also compatible with this wireless charger but they require the new AirPod case that was introduced by Apple at the iPhone X Event. However, current iPads and MacBook laptops are not compatible with AirPower.

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Apple AirPower charges three devices at once
Apple AirPower charges three devices at once

Wireless charging capabilities that will make the life easier

Let`s take a look at AirPower build and design. It is a large white mat which can charge three devices at the same time. It doesn`t matter where you put your gadgets. It has a single power lead connected to the wireless charger that should be plugged in. What else can you be impressed with? First of all, AirPower charger is built on the Qi wireless charging standard. Another important feature is that it has the ability to manage the charging system intelligently. For example, if you are going to charge three devices at once, they can “communicate and decide” how much power each gadget requires. This new wireless charging pad also features the fast charging.

So, as you can see, you will be able to charge everything you need without any cables required. With AirPower all your inconveniences of using current wireless charging such as support for only one device or search of the requiring specific placement will be solved. It is a new and different way to power your gadgets. Just take advantage of this multi-device charging station and forget about outlets and cords.

AirPower pad
AirPower pad

AirPower is more than just a wireless charging solution

AirPower is definitely much better than all previous Apple`s attempts. It is a perfect technological solution to your changing wireless charging needs. No other wireless charging system has the ability to manage power consumption between the devices. It is high time to change old-fashioned Qi chargers into something new. Just wait until AirPower wireless charging pad is released and try it out.