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What to Do if You Don`t Know How to Speed Up Your Mac?

Walden Harper,

What can be the worst thing for a person who was born in a high-tech era? Yes, a slow Mac computer.  It can be quite annoying when you just can`t complete some common computer tasks. But what can be the reasons of such poor Mac performance? First of all, it can be caused by old Mac system`s hardware. However, there can be some other scenarios in which our useful list of common fixes will become a real mac help for you. So, you don`t have to take any extreme measures until you try all of them. Let`s find out about how to make your Mac run much faster.

Do not use Chrome

Chrome has a lot of issues because of which it really doesn`t agree with OS X. You should avoid using Chrome if battery life is important to you. What is more, this browser does things in its own way, not the Mac way. Chrome uses a lot of CPU power, that`s why it can slow down your entire iMac. But the worst thing is the way it stores Chrome apps, bookmarks, and extensions. It also offers no support for Lion, Mountain Lion, or Snow Leopard. So, it is better to switch to another browser, such as Safari.

System boot up can really help

A lot of Mac users have a habit of just closing the lid of their machine when not using it instead of turning it off. It is quite a serious mistake because it could lead to some slow down issues. It is very important to reboot your Mac if you don`t want your computer to keep some broken processes and fragments alive.

FileVault can degrade performance greatly

It is better to disable FileVault in order to speed up Mac. A lot of users discover a performance hit to their Macs that makes this program impractical. Another common reason to disable it is duplicate a drive.

Go to Apple menu>System Preferences-Security&Privacy>FileVault>click the lock icon>Turn Off FileVault>Restart&Turn Off Encryption

Force all programs to quit on OS X in a proper way

Another reason a Mac can disappoint you with a poor work is some apps and programs that can continue to run in the background even if you have clicked the red cross. There are two ways you can take advantage of in order to quit a program properly. You can right-click its Dock icon and select quit, or use Command +Q combination.

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In some cases, clicking on the red cross only closes the window itself, not the program.

Audit the list of startup items periodically

It is advisable to manage your start-up items to make your new iMac Pro or MacBook Pro run faster. The reason is that a lot of things load up in the background when you start your computer. They slow down your startup the whole time you are working on your Mac.

Remove everything that is not necessary for you from the list of start-up items.

Activity Monitor can find and resolve problems on your Mac Mini

It`s a good idea to make use of the Activity Monitor to control how the processes that are running on your Mac affect its performance. You will be able to manage your computer`s activity and see which apps are consuming the most of resources.

With the use of Activity Monitor, you can also sort items by how much processor or power they use.

Reclaim hard-drive space

One of the most important steps to clean up mac is to clean up your Mac`s hard drive. A full storage will definitely slow down your operating system. You can use some third-party programs to boost your Mac`s performance. For example, MacFly Pro can help you free up a lot of storage space just instantly.

You should have more than 10% of the total storage available as free space.

MacFly Pro is designed for those users who are tired of removing junks manually and just want their computers to work at full potential. It will give you a wonderful opportunity to remove apps, leftovers, extensions, unwanted service files, and startup items without leaving any trace. Basing on scan results MacFly Pro will decide whether your computer needs some improvements.

You should understand that some problems on your Mac are inevitable. However, you can easily find out what is wrong with your machine and learn all possible ways to prevent these problems.