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Learn How to Clean Cache on Mac

Jason Kirk,

Every time you launch your computer and applications, certain files called the temporary files are created and stored. Also, when you use your browser to visit domains, cache files are created and your browsing history is kept and even partially downloaded apps are stored. Many Mac users have been finding out ways how to clean Mac cache on their devices, so they can create some useful space occupied by these types of files and boost the performance of their device as well. The question you should be worried about is how I can clear Mac cache. Mac operating system has the ability to handle some few cache types. There are apps that can handle their own cache management task while others can’t and depend on the user to help clear them out when they occupy much space. Users with the know-how can actually clean out this cache manually. We will provide you with some useful guidelines to help you learn how to clean up your Mac anytime you chose to.

If you have been worried about what to do, then below are some tips that can greatly help you on how to clean Mac. Before you start any cleanup process don’t forget to backup your files and data to an external source. When you are dealing with Mac you can use the Time Machine. When the backup is complete you can go ahead with clearing out the cache and temporary files. Also, there is the MacFly Pro app that you can download and just sit back and watch it do all the dirty work for you.

Follow these simple steps to manually clean out your Mac.

  • First close or log out of your active account. In other words, close all Mac applications
  • Look for the Finder option on your Mac OS.
  • Press down the SHIFT key or you may prefer to use the ALT/OPTION key. Pull down the “Go” option in the finder.
  • Now select the “Library” option from the Go menu.
  • Within the Library files, you will find and can also open the “Cache” folder.
  • It’s time to select which of the temporary files or cache you want to clear. There is the option of clearing out all of them if you chose to. When you select the unwanted items, send them to the trash.
  • The final step is emptying the trash which is a very good way of keeping your Mac free from having the trash folder occupied.

One major fact you need to know is that the cache folder is not actually designed to be user-friendly. You have to be ready to see names to files that can cause you some headaches. If you have a particular file you are searching for, then you have to look for files with matching names. So, always be ready to spend some time searching for names just to get what you are looking for. For most users, they just clear Mac cache I mean the entire folder and move on. I definitely fit into this category.

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Whenever you decide to clean out the catches of your browser, there are simple cool steps you can employ to easily do this. Most users use the Mac Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on their Mac. There are techniques you can use directly on your browser to clear out items you do not need anymore.

Easy guide to Clean out Temporary System Files and System Caches on Mac

The clearing and cleaning method described above is for cleaning out temporary files and cache files from an active account user. However, there are other cache files and temporary files that can be created by Mac system level applications. These can cause you some real trouble if you do not pay attention to them and clear them out. Below you will see some ways you can avoid this menace and enjoy your browsing experience without any headaches. Go to the Apple menu and select “Restart”.

The Mac operating system is built in such a way that when the rebooting process is underway a precise maintenance process is triggered. This process deletes and safely removes temporary files, caches, folders in the Mac OS without much stress on the user. Items that will be worked on by this process include Mac system caches like virtual and swaps memory, sleeps images, competed software updates, temporary folders, Mac App Store caches and so on.

Use MacFly Pro to Clear Cache on Your Mac

This is a tool designed specifically for cleaning and ensuring your Mac function at the required speed. Enlisting the help of this cleaning app you can remove caches from your Mac. See some of the simple procedures for clearing cache using this tool.

MacCleaner Tool
  • First, you need to download and successfully install the MacFly Pro app on your Mac.
  • Before you start the clearing process it’s best you go to the system junk scan to have a review of what junks need to be cleared. The system cache and its size information will be available to you and you can select and pick any file that is no longer needed.
  • When you want to deal with the iOS photo cache or user cache you can scan. Scanning provides you with the detailed information of junk files and folders and also offers you the opportunity to select specific files instead of just clearing the entire lot.
  • For browser cache, run a scan and get all the information about your browsing history and files. Good thing this app does not just find the cache, it can also delete it. So simply put your butt on a seat, grab a cup of coffee and relax. Allow the app run its diagnostic after which give permission to which files you want it to take out permanently.