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Why Does Your MacBook Need a Thorough Cleanup?

Jason Kirk,

Does your MacBook run slow? Does it shut down spontaneously and periodically? Undoubtedly, all these problems are caused by your cluttered hard drive space. You should definitely get rid of unnecessary trash to boost your MacBook’s speed and performance. In order to find out what is definitely stored on your disk you have to go to the Apple menu – About this mac – Storage. There are two ways you can use to keep you Macbook tidy and organized. You can do it manually or download a reliable cleaning tool MacFly Pro to ensure consistent stability and effective performance. Let`s learn how to clean mac book pro without a hitch.

Tips on how to clean mac book pro in an easy way

1. Make your Downloads folder clean

You should understand that a large amount of disk image files can influence your overall Mac`s productivity as they eat up space on the hard disk drive. You need .iso and .dmg files just for installing programs but then they become quite useless. So, it is essential to remove them from the Downloads folder where they are stored if you want your computer to run much longer. Just follow such simple instructions: select Finder from the Dock at the bottom of your desktop, select Downloads from the list, highlight the download history entries, and press Delete.

Clean up your system from old downloads

2. Delete all startup items that make your Mac slow

If you can`t understand why your system doesn`t want to run faster it means that the reason for the problem lies much deeper. Many of those additional software tools and utilities that you install on your MacBook run automatically as soon as you turn on your computer. All of them have their own processes such as monitors, update checking services, scanners, and synchronization services that run out of your sight and hinder the performance of the MacBook. You should necessarily remove startup items that you don`t use.

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3. Reclaim gigabytes of wasted space in the iTunes library

If you routinely download apps from iTunes you can definitely have some problems concerning your MacBook`s speed as they clutter a great deal of space. In order to replace everything in iCloud, you have to go to the iTunes menu, click on Preferences, click on the Devices icon, select the backup that should be deleted, click the Delete Backup button.

Get back sizable amounts of hard disk space with cleaned up iTunes

4. Free up space on MacBook by clearing cache files

In spite of the fact that cache files are basically temporary data used to speed up processes, they can build up over some time and take up your storage space performing in the opposite direction. That`s why it is so important to clear caches. That`s how you can do it easily.

Manual Way

First of all, open a Finder window and select ‘Go to Folder’ in the Go menu. Then, type in Library/Caches and hit enter. The last step is to go into each of the folders and clean out everything.

Handle cache management on your own

Quicker Way

Another option is to take advantage of the smart cleaning software MacFly Pro which is designed to improve your MacBook`s speed. It constantly controls the size of user`s cache, log files, system log, leftovers, application data, localization files, trash, Photo Cache, and apps leftovers. You will be able to get rid of all these things with just one click. MacFly Pro can help you save hours of manual storage cleaning.